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You're Expecting Gift Pack
You're Expecting Gift Pack

Great Gift for Expectant Mother for Breastfeeding and Pregnancy Comfort, Health and Knowledge

Great Annoucement or Shower Gift!

Let loved ones celebrate a new mother-to-be with the You're Expecting Gift Pack from Moonlight Slumber. A great gift for a newly announced pregnancy, or for a new mother to purchase for herself, the You're Expecting Gift Pack offers Mom the knowledge, comfort and tools she'll need from pregnancy and beyond.

What's Included?

Each gift pack includes one each of the following:

  • Organic Cotton Covered Butterfly Breastfeeding Pillow
  • Caterpillar Lumbar Support Pillow with Plush Cotton Cover
  • Prenatal Nutrition guide book written by Dr. Gina Sirchio, DC, CCN

Developed by Dr. Gina Sirchio, DC, CCN

"I specially selected these items to create the ultimate new mother gift pack because, combined, they offer a woman everything she needs to be confident in her diet, her health, and comfort from pregnancy through breastfeeding and beyond!" --Dr. Gina Sirchio

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You're Expecting Gift Pack
List Price: $79.50 Shipping: $20 Size: 34 x 20 x 6 Weight: 10lbs
You're Expecting Gift Pack. Give the new mom-to-be in your life everything she needs to be comfortable and comforted during pregnancy! Gift pack contains one Butterfly Breastfeeding pillow, one Caterpillar Lumbar support pillow, and one how-to guide to for feeding baby!

We have had your mattress now for 22 months. He just had an accident and it took me two seconds to clean the mattress. It is good as new. Love the waterproof cover. He sleeps great on it. Great that it was an organic mattress. Highly recommend to anyone. Thank you!

Ken | Geneva, IL