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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the glues used in Moonlight Slumber products green compliant?
Are Moonlight Slumber products tested for safety?
Are all Moonlight Slumber mattresses PVC free?
Do Moonlight Slumber mattresses off-gas?
What are the differences between all-foam and innerspring mattresses?
When should the mattress be flipped from the infant side (extra firm) to the toddler side (firm)?
What is the fire barrier in Moonlight Slumber products?
What is the difference between a fire retardant and fire resistant materials?
Do you need to use a mattress pad or waterproof mattress cover with Moonlight Slumber mattresses?
Do regular size crib sheets fit Moonlight Slumber mattresses?
What is the difference between the contour changing table pads and flat changing table pads?
Can Moonlight Slumber make custom crib mattress sizes?
What is the best way to clean a Moonlight Slumber mattress?
What is the approximate weight of a Moonlight Slumber mattress?
Will a Moonlight Slumber mattress fit my crib?
How do I know if I have received an authentic Moonlight Slumber crib mattress?
How will I know that my pillow is an original Comfort-U Pillow?
Moonlight Slumber Premium Sleep Products

Purchased your body pillow for very elderly friend who had poor sleep. Your product alone is responsibile for her dramatic improvement as nothing else was changed in her activities. Peaceful, restful and restorative sleep has benefitted her wonderfully. Well made and worth the price.

Bill | Brooklyn, NY